Infrastructure built to win.

Dedicated, instant delivery servers that meet all your online gaming requirements.


Fast CPU Response

Includes high clock CPU servers with up to 5Ghz clock speeds.

Instant Delivery

Servers are available for instant delivery from our preconfigured in-rack data center space.

Highly Scalable

Flexible monthly contracts allow you to scale up or down, depending on your business needs.

Multiple Datacenters

Providing the ultimate coverage for your latency-sensitive applications.

Game Hosting Platform

Today, the life of an online game is not a steady number of consistent players. A new game launch, e-sports events, or even random bursts of popularity can strain your infrastructure resources. Cloud hosting created a significant advantage for gaming by offering infinite scalability, but at a higher cost than dedicated servers. Conversely, opting for only bare metal leaves little wiggle room for those peak moments without committing to surplus overhead.

Multi-cloud bursting

You can create highly customized deployment environments on a static base of allocated bare metal servers to accommodate your everyday gaming traffic.

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